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The idea for The Wedding Mill came during our own search for a budget friendly wedding dress.  From visiting sample sales and outlet shops to trawling bespoke websites and auction sites, the search for a cheaper dress was difficult.
After visiting a number of bridal shops, the service was decidedly different in the most expensive boutiques than the cheaper dress shops.  Small poky changing rooms, limited service, no consideration for those who went with you and no nice touches that every bride deserves regardless of budget, were some of the pitfalls we found in many places.
The internet search also proved difficult; from navigating through the 'bespoke' foreign sellers, the older style dresses and the genuinely lovely dresses, it still proved a challenge to make such an important decision with a few photos and a description, however well written it was.  A lot of sellers offer for you to visit them in their homes to view and try on, but considering the varying locations and awkwardness this could bring, this isn't every girl's vision when dreaming about their wedding dress.
We decided that there could be another option - a bridal boutique, full of beautiful dresses of all shapes and sizes, with all the luxury and service of a high end boutique, but with recession friendly prices.  Some would be new, some pre-owned but not worn, and others worn once.  All the touches of an expensive shop would be there, and we would strive to give the experience every bride deserves.  It would also be an easy option for brides wanting to sell their expensive dress, without the hassle of marketing and selling it themselves. 
And we thought why stop there; we would also offer new and pre-owned accessories such as tiaras, shoes, bags, jewellery and more.
We also offer bridesmaid dresses, perfect for proms or balls - but at an affordable price.
The Wedding Mill - practically perfect for your Special Day  
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